Georgiana Dragomir

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Companie Omega Services
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Land – 40 km from Bucharest

De vânzare

Land for sale with a superb location, quiet, withdrawn, with exit to the pond / farm over Bitina in Movilița-Ialomița. Suitable for those who are tired of the city and want to move close to the forest, to the fresh air and quiet, seagulls and forest. The land has an opening of 40 m, towards water....

2.000 m2
Land – Tâncăbești

De vânzare

Land for sale near to the forest Săftica( 400 m)  and horseback riding Săftica. The distance to Bucharest is 15 minutes by car. The utilities are to aprox 900 meters. There are other lots to sell nearby in case of request. Easement is necessary to cease from the total surface. The land plot is number 28.

1.118 m2